Hey Voiceover Achievers! With the beautiful summer weather we’ve been having in Minneapolis, I’ve been gardening. I just planted the cutest little setup of lettuce, cukes, and basil for massive amounts of pesto, and squash for my zucchini fritters. 

When I look at my garden, I see a lot of similarities to my business. For one, they’re both GROWING. This past year has been a time for growth and exciting change for CSM, and we’re now better than ever. But what makes plants and businesses grow? 

Planting seeds. Every beautiful plant starts as a tiny seedthe same applies to your brand. Seek out opportunities, reach out to people you can work with and learn from, and invest time into perfecting your craft. Lay the foundation for a flourishing business by continuously planting new seeds. 

Nurturing them. So you’ve found your dream client, you made the connection, and you’ve improved your VO chops. That’s only the beginning! Just like a seedling won’t grow without water, you have to take care of all your hard work by maintaining your efforts. Keep building brand awareness, gaining more experience, and developing your relationships. 

Being willing to prune and weed. Sometimes parts of a plant die, or a weed pops up in your plant bed. Left unchecked, these dead leaves and weeds run the risk of killing your entire garden. Don’t let one unforeseen problem or unsuccessful strategy ruin all the good you have going; address small issues before they become too big or challenging to manage!

Experimenting with new methods. The first time you plant something is likely not going to be your best attempt. Be comfortable with evaluating the results and changing your tactics for next time. Maybe the seed needs more water or a bigger planter, and maybe your brand needs a different approach. Be flexible and make those necessary changes—we know it can be scary, but it’ll make all the difference. 


Being Specific and Authentic

What’s more, gardening, like business, brings me more joy when done with purpose. Thinking about all the delicious pesto I’m going to eat when my basil grows is much more inspiring than any old basil patch, and the same is true for your brand. 

What’s your end goal? What do you want to create? Answer those questions, and keep it all in mind as you do the work to get there. Gone are the days of the spaghetti-on-the-wall marketing techniques of trying to appease everyone—that will get you nowhere. 

The more detail you have in your vision for your brand, the better. It’s also important to remember that the detail is only worth your time if it’s authentic to who you are. Your brand should be you— the best version, sure, but still you. 

If you have any questions about branding, please reach out to us here at Celia Siegel Management We would love to help you discover your brand and take your career to the next level. Sign up for a free 15-minute consultation with me! And, for an in-depth DIY branding methodology, check out my book Voiceover Achiever, now available as an audiobook too!