There is a book I have meant to read for twenty-five years now. It is Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. I may have waited a long time to read it, but as the pandemic continues and we feel overrun by new variants and bad news, there could not be a more perfect time to read a book that emphasizes the importance of creativity, self-care, and connection.

For those who haven’t read it yet, The Artist’s Way is a tried and true 12-week program of creative activities. The purpose of the book is to help make the creative process an integral part of daily life. This daily practice helps us to overcome the barriers that can prevent us from reaching our full creative potential.

Talk of the book came up in a recent Friday morning Brand Mingle, and many people were interested in reading it. An eclectic group of us decided to start. It’s been four weeks of fueling our creativity just for creativity’s sake. We meet on Monday nights, and while it is not always easy to make the time and space for creativity, we keep showing up. Sometimes, we might even wonder, why add this extra task to my to-do list? But then we start, and we uncover the reasons we need it. I have realized how much I truly love creating and the many ways creativity fuels my entrepreneurship, friendships, and passions.

This revelation is important because sometimes it is so easy to get your work-work done, but it is hard to get your personal work done– your creative inner work, which is just as necessary. As someone who is both obsessed with the ideas of work-life balance, and self-actualization, but who also tends toward workaholism, especially during the pandemic; this book has been a much-needed reminder to nurture your human as well as your entrepreneurial side. Even when it feels easier to work hard for other people, rather than on my own to-do list or happiness, this book is a reminder that making time to practice creativity does make us healthier, more well-rounded creatives.

Right now, as the pandemic still looms over us, and the idea of normalcy seems further away than it was a month ago, I’m trying to practice the same mindfulness from The Artist’s Way in my daily life. I am searching for inspiration and motivation in the little things, like discovering new music, setting up new house plants, gardening, yoga classes, knitting, creating brands, and helping other people shine. Every day, my gratitude deepens that I get to work in this creative field with so many interesting and talented voiceover artists.

So, it’s the perfect time for me to be geeking out on this book and focusing on nurturing my relationship with myself and my creativity. As an extrovert at heart, I seek to be more intentional about finding joy and creativity in the little things. But, in working through this book each week, I can’t help but feel inspired by the little things because they allow me to see how wonderful and amazing life itself is.