Hello Voiceover Achievers! I hope you all had a wonderful summer, and are enjoying the onset of fall. This is a beautiful time of year to spend time in nature and reconnect with our individual purpose. 

We’ve spent the year working through COVID and working hard for our businesses, but there must be a balance. In order to be the best ambassador for our own brands, we need moments to be refreshed and re-energized creatively. 

That’s why I decided to take a much-needed working vacation in a camper cabin a few weeks ago. For a weekend, I found myself in the beautiful woods, getting my work done while also managing 15,000 steps of hiking a day. The change in scenery, even though it was only an hour away from home, was rejuvenating. 

Switching up your space and taking creative breaks are essential to brand building, and they help you strike a key balance! Your voiceover brand will be stronger if you take the time to nurture your creative side as well as your entrepreneurial side. 

Best Ways to Nourish Your Creativity & Your Brand

Change your environment. Whether it’s a trip to the woods or a flight to France, it can be life-giving to change your space. A new space is conducive to bright, new ideas that can bring you and your brand back to life!

Practice consistently. They say that practice makes perfect, but we know it really makes you a more well-rounded, mindful creative. A consistent practice has been proven to spur your mind to be more creative, and a creative mind can build a creative brand! 

Recharge your creativity. Creativity is based on our ability to be curious. It’s the curiosity that lights our creativity on fire and fuels our innovative thinking. If you’re feeling uninspired, it might be necessary to step back, recharge, and nurture your creativity. Follow the ideas that capture your interest and inspire your personal brand.


Blood Cancer Awareness Month

This month is a special one for me. It’s Blood Cancer Awareness month! As someone with blood cancer, it has been difficult to navigate during COVID. I often wonder, Can I go out? Can I live my life despite being fully vaccinated? Should I just stay at home? 

But, even in these times, there are factors within my control that can make me successful in living my life fully. I’m exercising, eating healthy foods, and taking vitamins, but I’m also taking advantage of the relief nature can bring. My voiceover branding advice is the same you have to do what’s in your power to book more. Making a list of the factors you have power over can help you achieve success in your branding journey.

Here at Celia Siegel Management, we can provide the support you need for striking a balance between creating your brand and taking time to connect with your purpose. I can offer advice that will enhance your voiceover career and your life! Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to figure out how to brand and keep a balance, and check out my book Voiceover Achiever.