Imagine it’s the beginning of 2020. Can you remember what networking was like in that pre-covid world? During that time we could gather together in person and at events, we could schmooze and meet one another and make connections.

Now, it’s hard to imagine that we ever lived and worked the way we did pre-pandemic. Over the past two years, our world and our industry have moved completely online. While it was headed in that direction anyway, there is no denying the impact the pandemic has had on VO.

Today, there are still limited options when it comes to in-person networking– Zoom calls and conferences don’t seem to be going anywhere. But, the pandemic’s effect on the VO industry has both negatives and positives. Maybe now, you’re able to jump into genres that you wouldn’t have had access to before, but on the contrary, you might also find it difficult to make yourself stand out online.

To make up for this digital difference, it’s more important than ever to have a personal brand.



The time to brand is now. There really is no time like the present, and as our industry and our culture move further online, there is no time to waste. You need to have strong branding bones that will give you a cohesive image and message to work with as you build your business digitally. 

As a process, branding will allow you to identify your strengths and what uniquely makes your business stand out. Ultimately, branding will give you a solid foundation to build from and work for you 24/7 to achieve your voiceover goals. 



What is branding? The answer to this question is simple: Google yourself. What comes up when you do? Is it your website and a professional headshot? Did you rank in the top results or are you a few pages in? If you don’t see yourself at all, you might need help branding your talents. 

Branding today is all about having a strong and cohesive digital presence that works for you. It means curating a unique and specific personal brand, one that repels as many as it attracts. 

In the post-covid world, a strong personal brand is necessary. Not only will a great brand give you a competitive edge and strategically position you for VO success, but it will make you stand out in the digital world.



If you’re building a brand today, there are a few things you need to know. While our world might be digital, what we all crave most is a sense of humanity. The social deprivation of the past two years has made us all long for connectedness.

If you can attach your humanity to your VO brand and use it to connect with people, you will be successful. For example, pre-pandemic branding strategies almost never used personal photos, and now a branded photoshoot is one of the fastest ways to establish your personal brand. When people are able to see your face and positively associate it with your brand, it establishes trust and familiarity. 

Branding today is about showing up as YOU. If your image is a part of your branding, it may leave room for people to make assumptions about you, but the upside of sharing your humanity will outweigh that every time. 

Our digital world isn’t changing anytime soon, and although it offers us more autonomy and flexibility, we are still grappling with the loneliness of a totally online industry. So, harness these truths to make your personal brand the strongest it can be.


For more on Branding, check out my talk, “Branding For a Virtual World” Friday, April 1st at VO Atlanta 2022! Or, Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me to start developing your own personal brand.