Branding is the heart of what we do here at Celia Siegel Management, and we love helping you discover and develop your brand. When we find what sets you apart and what makes you special, we’ve found what we like to call your ‘brand thumbprint.’ 

Your brand thumbprint is your own unique identifier, just like your real thumbprint. No other brand will have the same swirls or qualities that your brand does. This means that your brand is a completely special representation of you as an artist. 

Having a brand that represents you and makes you identifiable is all part of a great brand strategy. Your brand needs to speak for you and help you present a cohesive image to potential buyers. Your brand strategy is your game plan for how to make that happen. 

If you’re looking to form a brand strategy, or strengthen your existing brand, check out our best brand strategy tips below. 


A strong brand strategy is a must. 

There’s one question that tells you all you need to know about creating a strong brand strategy. Everything comes down to this – “Does it build my brand?” 

As a voice actor, new opportunities will always be on the horizon, and it’s important to consider how those opportunities can help or hurt your brand. By checking in with yourself and asking that one important question, you’ll know where to spend your valuable time. 

When it comes to marketing yourself as a voice actor, you should be leaning on your brand to convey yourself. Having a strong brand strategy lets you target your message to the right audience, and allows you to create strong connections with them. You can use your fabulous brand to promote a consistent message across platforms. 

Your brand comes with guiding principles– everything from the overall look of your brand to the minute details about fonts, color schemes, and wording are those guiding principles. Let those principles guide you like a lighthouse guides a ship into port. 

Lastly, let the authenticity of your brand and the way it represents you shine through. You know who you want your brand to attract, and by being authentic to yourself and your brand, you will drive people towards your brand. 

You can’t lose when you have a clear brand strategy illuminating your path. Even in an industry as competitive as voiceover, a brand that has focus, efficiency, and authenticity will go far. 


We’re here to help.

Are you ready to brand? Or do you want guidance on creating a strong brand strategy to help you build your business? We’re here for you.

We’re here to help you find a brand thumbprint and create a brand strategy that helps you take your VO career to the next level. 

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– Celia Siegel