Hello Voiceover Achievers! As we enter the second half of 2022, we’re thinking of how we can help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams this year. We love working with you because you’re passionate about what you do, and you’re always working to be better.

To be at your best and to have the best returns for your business, it’s crucial to know your strengths and weaknesses. During the branding process at CSM, we love helping you identify your strengths and even helping you understand and reframe your faults. 

But, we’re all human, and the truth is– everybody has something. Maybe you procrastinate or overcommit yourself, or you don’t feel confident as a talent because there’s someone else on the roster who has more experience. You’re not alone. No matter how perfect, relaxed or confident someone seems, we all have things we want to improve upon and things we worry about. 

Instead of letting these fears or weaknesses consume you, you can recognize them and even begin unpacking them. Knowing both your strengths and weaknesses helps you own who you are, and in the case of branding and rebranding, it’s an equally powerful tool.

There’s a great Zen Buddhist saying, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” It emphasizes the importance of having a powerhouse mindset and a can-do outlook. For our purposes, we like to say that how you do life is how you do voiceover. 

The themes in your life come out in your voiceover career– it’s all about making them work for you, not against you. To thrive in your VO career, you’ll need to harness the power of your strengths, channel your humanity through your brand, and embrace your weaknesses. 

“How you do life is how you do voiceover.” 

As a voiceover artist, it’s so important to know yourself and cultivate confidence in your brand– either real or ‘fake it till you make it’– to maximize your potential. For this reason, half of the wonderment of having a brand that truly represents you is the confidence it infuses. 

We know that being a talent is not just about how you sound– the look and feel of your brand also represent you as an artist. So whether you’re branding for the first time or considering a rebrand, it’s imperative to do the inner work to discover a brand that can be adaptable and long-lasting. 

Some of the biggest businesses have rebranded as they’ve expanded. In any industry, it’s good to keep your eyes on the trends to ensure your brand’s relevance. The most successful brands know there’s nothing more empowering than taking control of your image.


Discovering Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is a powerful tool. Check out these tests, recommended by Forbes and Bustle, to find out more about who you are and how to maximize your potential. 

  1. VIA Assessment – a quick, free, and accurate approach to discovering your strengths. 
  2. Big 5 Personality Test – one of the most well-known personality tests for identifying your strengths in the workplace. 
  3. StrengthsFinder 2.0 – this test highlights your career strengths and can help empower you to pursue your passions. 


Branding to Your Strengths 

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help you more fully discover who you are, and knowing who you are is the first step in building a powerful, long-lasting brand. Through the branding process, we look forward to uncovering all of the wonderful things that make you who you are!

We’re here to help you succeed and meet your goals. Our team, from branding gurus to digital media specialists and casting, is dedicated to helping you fulfill your dreams and realize your potential. 

Get started by Scheduling a free 15-minute consultation with me to start discovering your VO brand.

Lastly, check out my book Voiceover Achiever to get moving on your branding journey with my expert guidance and tried & true methodology. I can’t wait to help you turn your dreams into reality.  

–Celia Siegel