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Feel the wind blowing in your hair…

If your brand were a car, what car would it be? Mine would be an acid green Jeep Wrangler Sahara with big-a$$ tires. Or maybe if the used-car-Gods were on my side, a refurbished El Camino—pimped out with four-wheel drive for Minnesota winters (also acid green, of course). Like a real car, your brand is […]

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Always a VO bridesmaid—never a bride?

Feel like you’re always a VO bridesmaid—never a bride? Do you almost get the job, but not quite? First of all, there’s merit in being a bridesmaid. It means somebody loves you! If you almost got the job, it shows your standing. It’s gas in your engine. Fuel in your tank. Feel the love, baby, because […]

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Auditions: Knowing When To Stop

Hey there, When is good enough—good enough?! When it comes to recording your auditions—how do you know when to stop? Well, sweet stuff, your auditions are sort of like pie crust. When you overwork a pie crust, you hit a point of no return and it’s ruined. Want energetic, fresh, authentic auditions—not lifeless, overworked, robotic […]

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Voice crush cultivation

Have you ever heard someone’s voice and felt an instant connection? Like love at first listen? Like they were speaking right to you? What I’m describing is a voice crush. And it’s exactly what you want buyers and agents to feel when they hear your voice. If you are rocking your talent, you are bound […]

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5 Ways to be one-of-a-kind

You know those people—the ones who are just magnetic. Well, they weren’t necessarily born that way. Magnetism is usually the result of practice and knowing a few tricks. VO-preneurs…the sparkling fact is, when you are magnetic, your voice is magnetic. Here are a few tips on how to garner attention, get noticed, and turn on […]

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to host our very first conference exclusively for women in the business of voiceover! WHEN: JAN 29th – 31st 2016 WHERE: Atlanta, GA / Atlanta Airport Marriott WHAT: A weekend of incredible speakers, VO workshops & togetherness! WHO: Speakers include: Melissa Moats, Celia Siegel, Anne Ganguzza, Lisa Biggs, Jessica Gee, Gabrielle Nistico, Noelle Culler, Joyce […]

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